Fly Fishing for Yellowfish


We offer the fly-fishing enthusiast endless fishing opportunities with more than 15km of prime water There’s lots of riffles and rapids for the Smallmouth Yellows and heaps of glides, pools and open water for that trophy smallmouth and illusive Largemouth yellows, with trophy smallmouths  of over 6kg.

We are also active in Yellowfish conservation and are one of the founder members of the Orange Vaal River Yellowfish Conservation and Management Association (OVRYCMA) We therefore strictly practice Catch-and-Release on our indigenous fish species to help ensure the availability of trophy fish for now and for future generations. Wag-‘n-Bietjie was also the home of the first Yellowfish-Telemetry Study which was done by UJ, Flycastaway and OVRYCMA from 2006 – 2008.


1. OVRYCMA (Orange Vaal River Yellowfish Conservation Management Association)

2. Minutes of Yellowfish Meetings & Agendas


1. Time to strike Back (Indicator Science) (PDF Document)